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    雪缘园彩票首页:FreeBSD 9.2 下載

    官方網站:freebsd.org 軟件熱度: 報告:報告問題
    September 2013,FreeBSD 9.2發布,發布新聞請看這里。

    球探雪缘园比分直播 www.444343.live FreeBSD-9.2 第二個 Beta 版本發布了,提供 amd64, i386, powerpc64 和 sparc64 等版本,可通過FreeBSD mirror sites 獲取。

    與 Beta1 版本比較,主要改進有:

    - Fix an interoperability problem between FreeBSD NFS Server (version 4) and Linux NFS (version 4) clients.
    - Fix nvme(4) and nvd(4) to support non 512-byte sector sizes.
    - Fix freebsd-update(8) for -BETA2 by removing a file with non-POSIX characters in its name. This file is not needed for FreeBSD builds, and caused freebsd-update(8) to error on -BETA1.
    - Fix an XHCI regression.
    - Fix a bug in ipv6_prefix_IF.
    - Fix address range specification with various ifconfig(8) options.
    - Fix Denial of Service vulnerability in named(8). (SA FreeBSD-SA-13:07.bind)

    如有侵犯,請與發郵件到我們客服QQ郵箱[email protected],即刪!